Moon Dial’s Twitter bio simply says “High Quality Indie Band,” which is a tricky thing since there are liars in this world so sometimes you need to do your due diligence. Luckily, if you go down this rabbithole, you’ll quickly learn that this statement is 100 percent true. Moon Dial’s “Black Star” appears towards the final third of Nice Day Pretty Colors, their most recent album, and it sounds like Joe Casey from Protomartyr fronting Local Natives; emotive, fully realized, and engaging.
— Cameron Deuel, Nada Mucho
Moon Dial brings fresh perspective to Seattle music scene - Moon Dial represents three facets of Capitol Hill’s music scene at this moment in time: Impassioned art-making, the importance of connections and fresh roots in the city’s changing landscape.
Lead singer/songwriter Jonathan Atkins is a newcomer to the area, but don’t think he’s here to capitalize on trends like tech jobs or a burgeoning startup business. The project he’s growing aligns with the Hill’s creative riches, not condos, though he welcomes all changes with open eyes and ears. This receptivity reflects in the songs he pens for Moon Dial through cerebral lyrics and open-faced jazz aches.
— AJ Dent, Capitol Hill Times
Listening to Moon Dial’s new release Nice Day Pretty Colors is an experience that cannot often be found in today’s music scene. The farther into the album you reach, the more absorbed you will find yourself. Moon Dial’s rare tone comes from their natural talent as musicians, and the entire album displays their authenticity and creativity.
— Yasmin Ettobi, Northwest Music Scene
Local indie rock fans that like to hang onto lyrics and massive musical presentation need to check out what Moon Dial brings to the table. You’re doing yourself no favors listening to this band’s music through some crappy earbuds or laptop speakers. Get yourself a nice pair of headphones and marvel at just how good Moon Dial’s music sounds.
— 100 Bands in 100 Days presented by Verity Credit Union
Moon Dial’s three piece, stripped-down guitar pop is straightforward yet rich and complex, owing in large part to the individual proficiencies that Jon Atkins, drummer Garrett Croxon, and bassist Jeff Anderson bring to the mix. Sometimes components surge and spasm, other times retreating into a soulful hush, fusing familiar elements in unexpected combinations. Moon Dial’s twists and turns inspire the listener to pay attention, feeling the way the road changes while listening intently to every word.
— Jessica Price, Seattle writer
If you’re looking for some cool “night in” music while making dinner for that special someone, these are your guys.
— Gary Horn, Northwest Music Scene
We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him share some of his recent creations with us at Storytime #1. Jon is a brilliant lyricist who, for being such a fantastic songwriter with a commanding voice and special presence, is one of the most humble and self-aware musicians I’ve ever met.
— Anh Quach, promoter, musician
The Seattle, WA band MOON DIAL bring reduced guitar pop and dignified subject matter to their ever-growing audiences. Frequently, you will find that elements billow and contract, at other times the sounds draw back. Then they are emotionally cleansing — washing away evil-spirits using unexpected concoctions.
— Neil Mach, Raw Ramp