What a Piece of Work

"What a piece of work!" is what we say whenever we come across art or an artist that has a real impact on us. Here we wish to honor them not solely for the quality of their work, but also for the caliber of their character. These are our brothers and sisters who generate the creative electricty we would like to channel in our own work as musicians. These are our influences, contemporaries and our friends. Here we thank them for their hard work and their integrity as artists.


Emily Westlake

Many times I have heard Emily talking about people she loves. Whether it's her family in NY or a random she met on her way to work, she speaks of them with fascination and surprise. It is this excited compassion that sets her apart. She is cheerful, gentle and straightforward.  She is often interested in current affairs and community issues, and how she can be a part of the solution. Having Emily around helps me get back on track.  For example, I might be deep in an internal sulk playing the victim of an imagined crime when Emily will sit next to me. A short conversation with her will snap me up into to a broader, healthier perspective, temporarily at least. You might notice the versatility she exhibits in her photography. Having a high level of social awareness as well as being an artist, Emily lets her creativity spill over into a number of remarkable areas. After years of volunteer work, she has made it a vocation attending to the unique needs of women in the prison system. When she's done with that she might pick up some veggies from the local co-op. And then she'll spend a day on her inflatable canoe with her super cool boyfriend Tiernan. And then she'll fly to New York to love and encourage her little brother. (And then she'll get me on Blonde Redhead's guestlist...) I love the energy she has, geeze! What a piece of work. Check out some of her photopgraphy below.

 Visit Emily's linkedin 


Josie Rice





Josie is a darling of a person. Full of energy, full of life, full of love. Her presence fills the room with cheer. I think she loves being alive. She dosn't seem to be afraid of anything, but she would humbly deny that if you brought it up. She has a unique and inspiring story about moving to Seattle and finding her voice, but I won't get into all that. Josie helps me not take myself too seriously, and at the same time she has helped me put more stock in my art. Different forms of doubt and fear often arise in my own process. Josie has a way of running in at the right time and stomping them out. She is relentlessly encouraging to those around her. She's a real piece of work. Let me show you some of her art.